The mission of CHNA 20 is to empower our communities to achieve their best quality of health and wellness through education and information while improving access to care and services. 

Our vision is optimal health and well-being for all. We work to achieve that through grantmaking, collaborating, education and supporting the work of member organizations throughout our service area. 


community health network areas (CHNA) 

Community Health Network Alliances (CHNA) are coalitions of public, non-profit, and private sector working together to build healthier communities through community-based prevention planning and health promotion. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) established CHNAs in 1992. Today there are 27 CHNAs encompassing 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. As one of the 27 Community Health Network Areas across Massachusetts, the Blue Hills Community Health Alliance (CHNA 20) is a partnership of 13 communities working together to:

  • Bring forward the voice of public health in our communities

  • Engage key stakeholders in health improvement

  • Identify local and regional health priorities

  • Design community-based prevention plans to support sustainable change

  • Track success in achieving healthier communities


chna 20 operating principles

  1. Provide program support and education

  2. Create opportunities for networking

  3. Build collaboration and partnerships

  4. Problem-solve and influence policy

  5. Find and develop resources

  6. Share best practices


chna 20 activities

Grant Making
The coalition awards grants to support programs, events and sustainable change projects that lead to positive, enduring and replicable outcomes on one or more of the CHNA 20 Priority Areas (Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Chronic Disease & Wellness and Access to Care & Services).   Applicants submit proposals which use proven or promising, innovative practices to improve   primary care, disease prevention and/or health promotion for vulnerable populations.

Providing Resources
At the core of CHNA 20’s work is providing financial and technical assistance to deserving organizations whose efforts support our mission and vision in our communities.

Convening & Connecting
CHNA 20 frequently brings together members of the broader community to learn, share, and collaborate on efforts to improve public health in the 13 towns and cities we serve.