Features Overview

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chna 20 action plan + logic model


regional approach

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behavioral health initiative

Funds were allocated for planning and implementation of a multi-sector task force, coordinating regional Mental Health First Aid training programs, and participation in regional community coalitions that support behavioral health.


grant programs

Funds are allocated to targeted prevention and health promotion projects with a focus on addressing root causes of health disparities, increasing collaboration between sectors, improving community linkages, and leveraging resources.

Multi-Year Grant Program Outcomes

  • Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
  • National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) Massachusetts

Community Grant Program Outcomes


    strengthening linkages and leveraging resources

    In 2017 CHNA 20 increased the level of technical assistance it provided to current grantees. Assessment of past grant programs revealed gaps in organizational capacity for coalition member agencies. Using the RFA grant allocation process as a tool to encourage collaboration, CHNA 20 has had success strengthening linkages between agencies and sectors. In an effort to also move beyond supporting agency collaboration through current granting programs, CHNA 20 has facilitated meetings between agencies to leverage expertise and resources. New partnerships have developed and have led to joint proposals seeking outside funding and technical assistance.

    • CHNA 20 facilitated collaboration between NAMI MA, South Shore Mental Health and eight catchment police chiefs by sponsoring meetings and encouraging participation in jail diversion work in the South Shore. These meetings have led to a joint proposal submitted in December 2017 to DMH for a multi-year jail diversion grant program.
    • Responding to an interest expressed by MAPC in health initiatives in Randolph, CHNA 20 facilitated a meeting in October 2017 between MAPC Health Director, Randolph Commissioner of Public Health and Randolph Town Manager. This meeting has led to MAPC assisting the Town of Randolph in applying for a non-competitive, healthy communities grant and TA opportunity from MAPC.
    • After receiving high demand for a Mental Health First Aid training among Father Bill’s & MainSpring (FBMS) staff, CHNA 20 staff connected FBMS leadership with South Shore Mental Health (SSMH), thus allowing for the coordination and implementation of an in-kind, in-house training for 30+ FBMS employees in fall 2017.