chna 7/CHNA 20 multi-year grant

The Blue Hills Community Health Alliance (CHNA 20), in collaboration with CHNA 7 MetroWest, is pleased to offer a multi-year funding opportunity to qualifying organizations within our service areas.

There is $120,000 available in grant funding in this two-year funding cycle. Awards ranging from $15,000 - $30,000 (per year) may support programs, events and sustainable change projects, which will serve and benefit CHNA 7 and/or CHNA 20 communities and their residents for the project period of April 1, 2018 to April 30, 2020. Distribution of Year Two funds will be based on achieving agreed upon benchmarks in Year One. Funding requests must be for two years. 

After careful review of regional health needs assessment data and consideration of recent initiatives, CHNAs 20 and 7 have identified behavioral health and chronic disease as the two priority areas. We invite proposals that address behavioral health and/or chronic disease and focus on one or more of the following strategies:

  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Environmental Changes (including socioeconomic and cultural)
  • Risk and Protective Factors  

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, February 1st, 2018: Application must be received by 5pm

click here for the full application
(pdf; includes guidelines) 

Click here for the working draft
(word; excludes guidelines)

chna7/chna20 multi-year grant q&A

Click on the link above to be redirected to the Q&A from the December 7th grant information session. Questions include: 

  • What does the RFA mean by "environmental changes"?
  • What does the RFA mean by "risk and protective factors"?
  • What are "direct services"?
  • What are "vulnerable populations"?
  • Is there a required amount of goals applicants need to provide?
  • Will priority be given to applications that engage already existing staff over those that hire new staff specifically for the proposed project?
  • Do proposed projects need to focus on communities in both CHNA 7 and CHNA 20 catchment areas? 
  • Will priority be given to particular communities within the CHNAs?
  • Where can I find a map of CHNA 7 and CHNA 20 communities?
  • Will funding only support projects that can be totally covered by CHNA funds, or can it also apply to projects that need funding from additional sources? 
  • Can I apply for one-year funding? 
  • Are the funds guaranteed? 
  • Can an organizational apply if they have a representative on the Joint Advisory Committee?
  • How many collaborating partners do I need for my project?