chna 7 collaboration

CHNA 7 and CHNA 20 are working collaborative towards supporting innovating, multi-sector approaches to addressing behavioral health and chronic disease, made possible by DoN 4-3C16 funding from Norwood Hospital.

Activities to Date:

  • Created a multi-sector Joint Advisory Committee to support community partners. This group would meets regularly to address public health priorities with a goal to provide innovative programs to the community.

  • Developed a Request for Application to provide grants for initiatives targeting chronic disease and behavioral health. Grant applications were reviewed and awarded by the Joint Committee. More info. on the collaborative funding opportunity→

  • Providing ongoing technical assistance, including site visits, to grantees to assist with long-term planning to ensure program implementation and sustainability. 

  • Conducting annual evaluations, in consultation with an independent contractor, to determine effectiveness and public health value of funded programs as well as to create a robust evaluation template that can be used beyond the five years of DoN 4-3C16


The Tri-CHNA (including CHNA 20 of the Blue Hills Region, CHNA 22 of Greater Brockton, and CHNA 23 of Greater Plymouth) has collaborated with South Shore Hospital and Health Community Initiatives to develop the Norfolk and Plymouth County Health Compass website which is a collaborative health data initiative. The site is intended to provide user-friendly health data to guide community health planning by hospitals, CHNAs, health centers, and community organizations. 

More info. on the South Shore Health Compass →