At the core of CHNA 20’s work is providing financial and technical assistance to deserving organizations whose efforts support our mission and vision in our 13 communities.

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behavioral health grants

Behavioral Health Grants support local projects that address substance use and/or mental health in CHNA 20 communities and consider one or more risk factors associated with disparities in outcomes, including: 1) stigma, 2) trauma, and/or 3) cultural competency. In addition to addressing the root causes of disparities, the goals of the behavioral health program are to improve access to behavioral health care and services to those most vulnerable, support efforts to develop and foster cross-sector collaborations and partnerships, and invest in evidence-based programs.


partnership grants

Partnership Grants provide support to local projects aimed at improving health and wellness in our service area.  The focus of the Partnership Grant program is to provide assistance to projects that address the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) and build sustainable agency partnerships. Planning Grants are intended for organizations and groups that need additional time and support to develop a collaborative community change strategy. Implementation Grants are intended for organizations and groups with current collaborative partnerships that are ready to move from idea to action.


Multi-year grants

CHNA 20 Multi-Year Grants are a unique opportunity first offered in 2015, providing funding to 3 qualifying organizations over the course of a 3-year grant period. Projects funded through the Multi-Year Grant program focus heavily on creating sustainable change through multi-sector collaboration.


community & impact grants

Community and Impact Grants are offered annually to discrete programs and sustainable change projects which serve and benefit coalition communities and their residents. Projects may utilize a variety of methods and strategies to achieve their goals.


boards of health collaborative grants

The CHNA 20 Boards of Public Health Collaboration Initiative offers assistance to groups of public health nurses in their efforts to address chronic disease prevention and wellness. Up to $5,000 is available to each group to help with capacity building and the development of programs to address a shared community health need. Boards of Health Collaboration grants are non-competitive and are available to all qualifying groups within the CHNA 20 catchment area.


Start-up Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition Grants

CHNA 20 offers funding assistance up to $1,500 per organization for targeted efforts that advance our goals in the larger community. The current program offers start-up funds for newly created Substance Misuse Prevention organizations, providing much-needed financial assistance to organizations that would not otherwise be eligible for funding due to their fledgling status. These grants are non-competitive and require only a short application and approval process.