behavioral health initiative

The CHNA 20 Behavioral Health Initiative was designed to focus efforts on system, policy, and environmental change for behavioral health through a targeted action planning process that would complement, align, and strengthen existing behavioral health activities.

This effort began with the formation of a Behavioral Health Subcommittee, comprised of CHNA 20 Steering Committee members, which was charged with overseeing the initiative. The Subcommittee reviewed quantitative behavioral health data and conducted local focus groups to elevate behavioral health (BH) awareness, initiate BH conversations, share BH resources, and gather community BH improvement ideas. 

This qualitative data was combined with local and statewide quantitative and hospital community assessment data producing a summary of the current state of mental/behavioral health within the CHNA 20 service area. A list of best practices that complemented data findings was also compiled. 

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behavioral health task force

The CHNA 20 Behavioral Health Task Force was an effort to engage community conversation and foster community partnerships to complement existing behavioral health activities with a targeted action planning process.

Multi-sector stakeholders utilized local qualitative/quantitative data and best practices to choose the focus for a CHNA 20 community behavioral grant opportunity by September/October 2017.